The Friend Request that Changed My Life

Do you ever sit back and reflect on how one decision has totally changed your life?

As I daily navigate my most recent roles in life as wife and mother, I often think back on the choices and events that brought me to the place I am today.

Now I know it’s a little bit deeper than this, but I am partly where I am today due to my decision to send a Facebook friend request to someone.

Yep, you read that right. I sent my current husband a totally random friend request on Facebook five years ago. I say random because it wasn’t something I would normally do. I actually came across his page via a post he made on a mutual Facebook friend’s wall. His writing seemed very well thought out and I got a little curious. I still do this. I’ll be checking out something on a friend’s page and then next thing you know, I’ve clicked on other folks’ pages based upon comments they wrote. Facebook tends to bring out that curiosity (nosiness) in most of us though, doesn’t it?

But anyway, I thought his page was pretty interesting. The page wasn’t public, but from what I could see, we seemed to have a few things in common: locs (dreadlocks), love for our culture, spirituality, and an interest in our African roots. So I said hey, I’m going to send this dude a friend request. I didn’t think he was a possible love interest at all. Honestly guys, I didn’t.

My husband still thinks I’m in denial and that I sought him out because he was such a looker. But no, I was just trying something new. You know, trying to connect and broaden my horizons. I did think he was handsome, but that was not my focus.

However, that something new turned into me relocating to a new city, having children and getting married!

Talk about ripple effects…more to come.

Topics such as these will be discussed further. My laptop is currently down so I’m writing this blog with my cellphone, which I don’t like to do.

Once again, I’m just scratching the surface with this blogging thing. I know I have a long ways to go and many ways to grow.

To my readers:

Have you reflected on any decisions you have made lately? One simple action that catapulted your life into a myriad of changes.

Ultimately, what drives our decisions are our desires, values, childhood experiences, and even our environment. Therefore, when we truly reflect and allow ourselves to be honest, it can reveal so much about who really are…and even maybe how we aren’t what we thought we were in some cases.

Please comment and share your thoughts.

Also, I’m currently a full-time Mommy seeking opportunities to work from home or flexible opportunities outside the home. It has to be financially worth it though, child care is a beast! Please share.

A Work in Progress

So this blogging I am doing is in a very organic stage. Right now, I’m focused on making blogging a habit. As I write and share my thoughts, I hope to connect with others and to fulfill this sense of purpose I have always felt when it comes to writing.

It’s not so much about money or followers. It’s about finally becoming so uncomfortable with where you are in life that you can no longer keep ignoring this nagging feeling in your soul that you are running from something you were created to do.

I’m looking forward to digging deep and reflecting so I can expose what has held me back…better yet, to reveal why I have held myself back.

My two precious gems are napping next to me right now and I would like to use this time to catch a short nap as well. However, I will return to this topic and hope to engage with others in the blogosphere regarding the following: purpose, career, fulfillment, success and income.

I want to hear your stories. I want to hear how you define success. How do you balance and grapple with taking care of yourself and others as it relates to your career choices? Are you statisfied? What significant changes would you like to make or what changes have you made in your career/life journey?

To be continued folks…

Peace, Light and Love!